Unused Ingmar Bergman Script to Be Turned Into Feature Film

Considering Ingmar Bergman‘s immense creative output when it comes to theatrical features from the mid 1940s to the early 1980s, many have lamented what could have been in the 25 years between what’s technically his last film, Fanny & Alexander, and his death in 2007. During that span of time, he worked a number of television productions (some of which hit theaters in various countries), but he would never again helm an official theatrical feature. We’ll soon get a chance to see what might have been, for one of his unused scripts is being turned into a feature film.

Set to be directed by Sweden’s Suzanne Osten (The Mozart Brothers), Sixty-four minutes with Rebecka is a script from 1969 that Bergman wrote for a potential collaboration between two other cinematic titans, Federico Fellini and Akira Kurosawa. Before plans fell through, Bergman’s original intent was to film the script — described as “feminist,

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