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Horror Highlights: Cavity Colors’ Bio-Exorcist Shirts, Demons and Demons 2 NYC Screenings, Fright Bites

"It's showtime, Daily Deaders, Betelgeuse, here. You know what you could do for me, well, besides saying my name three times, is, uh, check out these photos of my Cavity Colors shirt at the top of this Horror Highlights thing." Okay, that was weird... seems like Betelgeuse somehow took over for a hot second. We're all good now! Readers can also look forward to details on the Demons 2 screening in NYC and Film4 and All 4's Fright Bites short films.

Cavity Colors' Beetlejuice-Inspired Bio-Exorcist Shirts: From Cavity Colors: "Our newest *limited edition* clothing release arrives! We've teamed up with artist Kyle Hotz (@kylehotzcomics) to re-create everyone's favorite cartoon Bio-Exorcist, but in a gloriously grotesque and spooky manner for Halloween! I did the colors, and he did the linework. Set those reminders! These are limited to 300 only, on T-shirts, Tanktops, and Crewneck Sweatshirts! Once it's gone, it's gone forever!"


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