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Horror Highlights: Wolfmen Of Mars, Anno Dracula, Hear The Living Dead, Screamfest 2016 Award Winners

Starting off this weekend's Horror Highlights, Wolfmen of Mars has made their entire music catalog available for a free / pay what you want price right now on their Bandcamp page. Continue reading for more details. Also: Anno Dracula comic series, release details for Hear the Living the Dead compilation album, and a recap of the Screamfest 2016 awards ceremony.

Entire Wolfmen of Mars Music Catalog Available Now: The entire music catalog of Wolfmen from Mars is now available at a “free/pay what you want” price on their Bandcamp page. Fans will also be able to hear the band’s music in the upcoming horror movie Boogeyman Pop, but until then, you can crank up their entire stock of tunes on Bandcamp. To learn more, visit their official Bandcamp page.

About Wolfmen of Mars: "Making music that combines the electronic analog sounds of the 70s-80s and mixing them with heavy grooves.

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