‘The Man Who Was Thursday’ Review

Stars: François Arnaud, Ana Ularu, Jordi Mollà, Attila Árpa, Mark Ivanir, Linc Hand, Isabel García Lorca, Emanuela Postacchini, Theo Alexander, Péter Fancsikai, Federico Galavis | Written and Directed by Balazs Juszt

There is a traditional view of a priest, and they purity they are meant to represent to the people who put their faith in them. What happens though when a priest begins to lose his faith, not only in the Church and God, but in himself? The Man Who Was Thursday is a movie that takes a look at that question, though it may come short of actually answering it.

When a priest (François Arnaud) gives in to sin, and has a fall from grace, he ends up in Rome with a chance of redemption. Going undercover to infiltrate an underworld group of anarchic renegades he finds himself being seduced by their mission against the Church. Taking the name of Thursday,

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