DVD Review – Dr. Strange (1978)

Dr. Strange, 1978.

Directed by Philip DeGuere

Starring Peter Hooten, Jessica Walter, Clyde Kusatsu and John Mills.


When evil being The Ancient One sends sinister sorceress Morgan LeFay to Earth to destroy the Sorcerer Supreme, the long held sorcerer must train brilliant surgeon Stephen Strange as his successor to fight the darkness…

Almost as if they planned it this way, by some cosmic fate from the astral plane, the first Dr. Strange movie has at long last arrived on DVD, after being released briefly on VHS in the 80’s and 90’s. What’s that? You didn’t even know there *was* an original adaptation of Marvel’s strangest comic? Honestly, that’s not a surprise; it’s only really thanks to the recent Benedict Cumberbatch-starring McU movie, much like many of Marvel’s less famous heroes, that the Sorcerer Supreme is being put on the map, but remember – Marvel

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