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Spc acquires Michael Haneke’s 'Happy End'

Spc acquires Michael Haneke’s 'Happy End'

The distributor has picked up North American and Latin American rights to the Austrian auteur’s upcoming French production which wrapped in late August.

Happy End offers a snapshot from the life of a bourgeois European family and reunites Haneke with Jean-Louis Trintignant and Isabelle Huppert from his 2012 foreign language Oscar winner Amour, as well as Mathieu Kassovitz and Toby Jones.

A press release issued the following ominous line: “All around us, the world, and we, in its midst, blind.”

Margaret Menegoz produces and Stefan Arndt and Veit Heiduschka co-produce and reprise their functions from Amour and The White Ribbon.

Spc has handled most of Haneke’s recent work, including Amour, The White Ribbon and Caché.

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