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Arrow Round Table: Will Olicity Get Back Together?

Arrow is getting better. 

That much was confirmed during Arrow Season 5 Episode 5 when the show took some great risks that raised the stakes. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Steve Ford and Robin Harry discuss Christopher Chance, Tobias being murdered and that Olicity scene...

What did you think of Christopher Chance?

Jim: I really enjoyed him. My only request would have been a little more understanding of how he survived the shooting. I didn't understand exactly how he pulled off the effect of being shot without actually being hurt. 

Steve: I was actually quite interested in this character and I hope to see and learn more about him in the future. I'm with Jim what I would have liked to understand how he was able to pull off the fake assassination. Is he a meta that can heal or was it more complex than that? 

Robin: I liked him, though I

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