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Lrm Exclusive Interview: Quincy Rose for Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends

Betrayal happens with the people you are closest with.

In the comedy, Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends, it tells a story of a few friends on relationships, their timing, missed opportunities, luck and unrequited love.

The film stars Tyler Dawson, Christina Gooding, Jillian Leigh, Graham Skipper and Vanessa Dubasso.

Lrm had an exclusive phone interview with director Quincy Rose last month. We had a discussion the origins of the story, producing a microbudget film, maintaining a small cast and the challenges.

Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends is currently available on VOD and iTunes today.

Read the interview transcript below.

Lrm: I’m curious. Where did your story originate from for Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends?

Quincy Rose: As a writing, you’re always thinking about different concepts or you might be thinking about telling a different story that might be entertaining. I’ve overheard some conversations with friends. People

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