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Your Name review

A funny and moving fantasy romance, Makato Shinkai's Your Name is an unmissable animated movie. Here's our review...

There are some movies that don’t just deserve repeat viewings, but actively demand them. Japanese animator Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name is so intricately woven and heartfelt that it could withstand being watched over and over again.

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Your Name introduces two teenagers united by longing: Mitsuha, a girl who lives in the small, sleepy town of Itomori and feels stifled by its traditions, and Taki, a boy works part-time at a Tokyo restaurant and harbours a crush on Miki, an older student and co-worker. On random days, Mitsuha and Taki, strangers who live miles apart, abruptly switch bodies; Taki is astonished to find himself in a girl’s body and vice versa.

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