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Inside the mind of indie horror film fan and promoter Steven Chang

Interviewed by Jonathan Weichsel

Over the last few years Steven Chang has emerged as one of the most active members of the indie horror community. There is no question that Mr. Chang is deeply passionate about the various artists that he promotes through his Facebook "spotlights," as well as his various Facebook pages. I also like to believe that the artists Chang supports appreciate his boundless enthusiasm for them and their work. I got the chance recently to interview Chang via Facebook's messenger app. You can read our discussion below.

Jonathan Weichsel: How would you describe your role within the indie horror industry? Are you a promoter? Networker? What is your title?

Steven Chang: I am mainly a promoter who does networking when events are available. Such as horror cons or film festivals.

Jonathan Weichsel: Cool! So, how did you first get into indie horror?

Steven Chang

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