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It Came From The Tube: Midnight Offerings (1981)

By the early ‘80s, Melissa Sue Anderson was ready to get some dirt under Mary Ingall’s fingernails, and shed her squeaky clean image. Late in ’81 she would entertain horror audiences with her big screen turn in Happy Birthday to Me, but earlier that same year she stayed closer to home on the tube playing a big bad teenage witch in Midnight Offerings – a role which I’m sure Pa Ingalls would not approve of.

The telemovie premiered Friday, February 27th, 1981 on ABC. It’s neighbor CBS had the kings of Friday night, Dukes of Hazzard and Dallas going on, while poor old NBC had Nero Wolfe followed by that party animal David Brinkley. (Let’s just say the Peacock was still a few seasons away from working their way out of the cellar.) But ABC, for some reason, had always not only nurtured horror, but thrived on it – and

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