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Movie Review – Deadly Intent (2016)

Deadly Intent, 2016.

Directed by Rebekah Fortune

Starring Gus Barry, Rebecca Reaney, Lara Lemon, and Peter Lloyd.


Widowed mother Bryony is struggling to move on from the death of her husband Steven, a process made all the more difficult by her troubled son James, who seems to be constantly lashing out. However, when they move in with Bryony’s sister Lisa for a time following another one of James supposed misdeeds,it appears that the family are in fact being haunted by a spirit who might just be that of the boy’s late father, and appears to have malicious plans in store involving his son.

Grief is a powerful emotion that we’ll all feel a few times in our lives. We feel it when someone we love dies, we feel it when our team gets beaten at the football, and I imagine right now many Americans are feeling it,

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