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Catch the Exciting Trailer for Jackie Chan’s Railroad Tigers

Who said average Joes can’t achiever great things? Certainly not the team behind the upcoming film Railroad Tigers! The producers recently released a teaser trailer for the action comedy caper. It features a ragtag team composed of a head porter, an amateur tailor, a noodle shop owner, a wounded soldier, a thug, and a railway intern all coming together to fight an entire army using only their wits.

Railroad Tigers boasts a whopping $50 million budget and a star-studded cast led by no less than newly-minted Academy Award winner Jackie Chan. Chan plays Ma Yuan, a railroad porter who leads the ragtag group of freedom fighters to defeat the Japanese. Unarmed and outnumbered, Yuan and his team vow to outsmart, outplay and outclass the enemy…all in the noble goal of providing for the poor.

This film is Jackie Chan and director Ding Shang’s third collaboration. They have previously

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