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American Horror Story season 6: Roanoke Chapter 10

Ron Hogan Nov 21, 2016

American Horror Story Roanoke is a credit to this show's renewed focus on story. Here's our spoiler-filled finale review...

This review contains spoilers.

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Every time American Horror Story delves into a different genre of show, they've hit it dead on the nose every time. My Roanoke Nightmare was perfect; the reunion reality show was completely accurate even as it went off the rails. Chapter 10 bypasses both conceits by throwing a mixed bag of genres at the screen. The show's segments are, in no particular order, a true crime show, a series of YouTube videos, a confessional prime-time celebrity interview, and best of all, a ridiculous ghost-hunting show with a dead accurate presentation.

It's not just that the three shows (Crack'd, The Lana Winters Special, and Ghost Chasers) look right, they breathe

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