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Movie Review – Be My Cat: A Film for Anne (2015)

Be My Cat: A Film for Anne, 2015

Directed by Adrian Tofei

Starring Adrian Tofei, Sonia Teodoriu, Florentina Hariton and Alexandra Stroe


Aspiring filmmaker Adrian is keen to have Hollywood star Anne Hathaway appear in his passion project, a film entitled Be My Cat, believing that she is ideal for the lead role. In his attempts to entice the A-List actress to star in his film, Adrian films scenes from his project with a series of local actresses performing the lead role, with the results revealing the aspiring auteur to be a deeply disturbed individual with sinister intentions.

Don’t be fooled by the title dear readers, this isn’t a film about a nice old lady hoping to adopt a cute kitten. Instead, Be My Cat: A Film for Anne is another entry into the well-worn found footage horror genre – the first ever, in fact, to have come out

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