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‘Gilmore Girls’: The 72 Most Important Characters, Ranked

‘Gilmore Girls’: The 72 Most Important Characters, Ranked

Usually, when writing these lists, we set the halfway point to define the good versus bad. But while “Gilmore Girls” does not lack for adversaries and antagonists, the fact is that so many of these characters have such charms that ranking them was a real challenge.

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Only characters who appeared in more than three episodes are included below; even with that said, there are probably some we missed. (That’s what happens with a seven-season show with a rich collection of supporting characters.) Here’s everyone we’ve missed during “Gilmore Girls'” long hiatus — and everyone we haven’t.

72. Mitchum Huntzberger

Hey, remember when this asshole decided to crush the spirits of a talented young woman, because he could? Yeah, this guy can burn in hell.

71. Dean Forester

Yes, Jared Padalecki is hella cute. Yes, it was sweet how

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