Ep Robert Slaviero on Shawn Seet's 'Storm Boy' redo: "just spectacular"

Robert Slaviero.

Robert Slaviero ran Hoyts Distribution for eleven years before guiding the company through its acquisiton by StudioCanal three years ago..

Last month at the Australian International Movie Convention he received the Independent Spirit Award from the Australian Independent Distributors Association.

Since finishing up at StudioCanal in March this year, Slaviero has founded his own company, Graffiti Productions..

The company is consulting to three different production companies (so far): Ambience Entertainment, Prodigy Films and Flying Bark Productions, with Slaviero acting as Ep on several projects. "It.s been really good," he told If.

The project closest to the start line is a remake of Storm Boy for Ambience..

"If you look at what.s been working, it.s Oddball, Paper Planes, Red Dog — broad appeal family films," said Slaviero..

"We released Blinky Bill last year through StudioCanal which did some business as well. It.s who the target audience is.

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