UK on course to release 900 movies in 2016

UK box office is up 2% year-on-year and has surged past £1bn but attendance figures remain static.

Worldwide box office is on the rise but challenges remain in a saturated theatrical market, according to Lucy Jones of data analyst ComScore and David Hancock of research firm Ihs.

Speaking at today’s (Nov 24) Screen Film Summit at Picturehouse Central in London’s West End, the two executives highlighted that the growing number of films produced and released is not correlating with demand.

This year will see close to 900 films distributed theatrically in UK cinemas, a record figure that equates to an average of 16 films per week.

“Even if you went twice a day you would not see every film that is released,” added Jones.

Admissions have remained relatively static over the last decade at an average of 2.7 visits per person per year. This has led to the highest-profile theatrical releases garnering a greater market share.

“The top 40 releases

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