Bleed For This: Miles Teller's boxing movie is no knockout

Despite some heavyweight performances, this pugilist biopic is overshadowed by some very distinguished forebears

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Another weekend, another boxing biopic, another young star looking to make a name for himself. Stepping into the ring has been a rite of passage for talented, mostly method-friendly young actors for six decades or so now, starting with (non-method) Errol Flynn as “Gentleman Jim” Corbett in 1942 and Paul Newman as Rocky Graziano in Robert Wise’s Somebody Up There Likes Me (a role inherited from James Dean) in 1956. The most influential, of course, were Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky (not a biopic, but no matter) and Robert De Niro’s Jake Lamotta in Raging Bull, but in recent years all manner of pretenders have taken a shot at the crown.

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