Screen Bites: I watched Never Teach Your Wife to Drive so you didn't have to

Channel Seven pitches at lowest common denominator with this tedious reality TV filler that is both sexist and racist

Women can’t drive, and teaching them to do so will ruin your marriage. This is the premise of a show that aired across Australia last night, inspiring more despair in the hearts of TV enthusiasts than endless reruns of Seinfeld.

Where once they might have played a classic movie, these days free-to-air channels plug the holes in their midweek programming with one-off reality TV features or compilations of cat videos from YouTube.

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Um why is there a show called Never Teach Your Wife to Drive on ch 7?! Will the follow up be Never Teach Your Husband Emotional Intelligence

Never Teach Your Wife to Drive is code for my wiiiiiiife. left me

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