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‘The Driller Killer’ Blu-ray Review

Stars: Abel Ferrara, Carolyn Marz, Baybi Day, Harry Schultz, Alan Wynroth, Maria Helhoski, James O’Hara, Richard Howorth, Louis Mascolo, Tommy Santora | Written by Nicholas St. John | Directed by Abel Ferrara

I have something of a love hate relationship with The Driller Killer. Depending on my mood I really like it, yet at other times it just doesn’t connect. This may be down to the versions I’ve seen: the cut, the picture quality, etc. With Arrow Video’s latest Blu-ray release though, there are no excuses as to whether I like it or not – it’s time to make a decision!

Abel Ferrara both directs and stars in the story of Reno Miller, the artist struggling to survive in New York City. Failing to make an impact with his art, cracks begin to show in his sanity and a psychotic alter-ego takes over. Attacking vagrants on the streets

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