Great Job, Internet!: Read this: Kung fu queen Angela Mao is alive and well in New York

At the peak of her fame in the 1970s, martial arts star Angela Mao was marketed as the female equivalent of Bruce Lee. Her role as Lee’s sister in Enter The Dragon brought her to international fame in 1973, but she starred in numerous Hong Kong films of her own, including 1974‘s The Tournament. But Mao largely disappeared from the screen in 1983, and the woman herself seemed to vanish from the face of the earth entirely a decade later. In a New York Times article called “Searching For Lady Kung Fu,” writer Alex Vadukul catches up with the now-66-year-old Mao to find out what happened to the actress after her brief but memorable time in the spotlight. As it happens, the rumors circulating about her among fans were basically true. Yes, she left the business to concentrate on being a wife and mother. And, yes, she now ...

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