Bernard Gallagher obituary

Actor whose six-decade career ranged from the National Theatre to Casualty and Downton Abbey

Character actors sometimes step out from the shadows to play prominent roles in popular tele- vision dramas, providing a bedrock for productions that feature ensemble casts. Bernard Gallagher, who has died of pneumonia aged 87, performed that role in Casualty when it began in 1986, playing Ewart Plimmer, consultant and “father” of Holby hospital’s A&E department. “We’re in the frontline, goddamn it!” were the first words viewers heard from him.

Gallagher’s character was usually seen barking out orders or sitting in his poky office, feet up at an untidy desk and listening to music through a personal stereo. Long hours and dedication to his job led Ewart’s wife to throw him out. In the second series, his battles with the hospital’s new administrator, Elizabeth Straker (played by Maureen O’Brien), turned into a relationship,

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