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Newswire: R.I.P. Billy Chapin, former child actor

According to a Facebook post from his sister (via Variety), former child actor Billy Chapin has died after “a long illness.” In the post, Lauren Chapin refers to him as a “wonderful brother” and mentions that she and the rest of the family are “proud of all the great films he was in,” mentioning Night Of The Hunter, A Man Called Peter, The Kid From Left Field, and a few others. Chapin was 72.

Born in Los Angeles in 1943, Chapin and his siblings entered the acting world very young, with his first role coming when he was just a few weeks old in 1944’s Casanova Brown. (He played a baby, naturally.) His first proper acting role came in 1951, when he appeared onstage as part of a Broadway production of Three Wishes For Jamie, and his first real film role was for 1953’s The Kid From Left ...

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