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Q&A: Director Sheldon Wilson Discusses Filming The Unspoken and The Night Before Halloween

A haunted house harbors sinister scares in The Unspoken, a new horror movie coming out on DVD today from Anchor Bay Entertainment. For our latest Q&A feature, we caught up with filmmaker Sheldon Wilson to discuss paying tribute to ’70s horror movies, the eerie day almost everyone got mysteriously sick on set, and working with Bailee Madison on his other recent scary movie, The Night Before Halloween.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us, Sheldon. When did you first come up with the idea for The Unspoken?

Sheldon Wilson: I had been looking to do a horror movie that was a bit of an homage to the horror films of the ’70s, the films I grew up on. I was brought a script that had some core ideas that I thought lent themselves well to the type of classic horror I wanted to make,

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