‘Orphanage’ DVD Review

Stars: Mykelti Williamson, Lance Henriksen, Matthew Carey, Sunkrish Bala, Bresha Webb, Val Morrison, Matt Doherty, Eddie Perez, Tanc Sade, Lindsey Smith-Sands | Written and Directed by Craig Efros

Originally known as Hollows Grove, Orphanage: The Haunting at Hollows Grove (that’s one hell of a mouthful) was unceremoniously dumped onto DVD in the UK at the end of October – just in time for Halloween. I say dumped as this is yet another case of an interesting found-footage film (how often do I say that?!) being released with a new supermarket-friendly title and artwork. Artwork, may I add, which makes absolutely no mention that writer/director Craig Efros’s film features cameos from Lance Henriksen and Mykelti Williamson – talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face!

Enough about my supermarket-based complaints and on to the film itself. Orphanage follows a young filmmaker, Harold Maxwell, making a behind-the-scenes documentary on his

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