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The five commandments of Vr

Speakers from this year’s Vr Creative Summit reveal their tips for combining storytelling and technology to create high-quality Vr content.Create Presence And Immersion

Karl Woolley, Head of Vr, Framestore

“Presence is Vr’s differentiator. You can go to the Imax and be immersed in a film, but you still won’t get the sense of presence you would from a well-crafted Vr experience.”

Sol Rogers, Founder, Rewind

“The ability to transport people is at the core of all Vr – it’s where you take them that is important. You will bore the pants off people if you just transport someone to the back row of a stadium.”

Know Your Headsets

Richard Mills, Founder, Imaginary Pictures

“Headsets started off uncomfortable, hot and heavy. Now ergonomics is coming in with fresh air, good blackout, decent screens and nice balance so people don’t get tired after a few minutes’ use.”

Keep It Simple

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