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Full Moon Features' Next Blu-Ray Release is Head of the Family: A Film Review

*a screener of this film was provided by Full Moon Features. Coming to Blu-ray on Dec 20 is Head of the Family, and Charles Band could not be happier. This producer also wrote and directed this product under a pseudonym. This work is one he can be proud of, as it has all the strangeness of maybe being inspired by Pinky and the Brain of Animaniacs fame of all things! Myron (effectively played by J.W. Perra) is the head of a family of mutants — Otis (Bob Schott) has super strength, Ernestina (Alexandria Quinn) is voluptuously beautiful and Wheeler (James Jones) has super enhanced senses. Well, they could be a twisted version of Marvel Comics' "Uncanny X-men" when you realise Myron is like Professor X. He shares a psychic bond with his children, and he abuses them — well more so at Otis than the others. Myron is just a big head with a tiny body.

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