Review: ‘Harry Benson: Shoot First’ Goes Behind the Camera of an Iconic Photographer

In an age where we have gone so far as to add the word “selfies” to the Oxford Dictionary, Harry Benson: Shoot First is a vital reminder of what it’s really like to take a picture. Yes, it’s time to get on that soapbox. Put down your iPhone for a second, because directors Justin Bare and Matthew Miele have crafted a film that explores photography at its pinnacle of creativity — all via the life and work of a quirky Scottish man named Harry Benson.

Most of the world knows him for his iconic images of The Beatles (you know, those black and white shots of John, Paul, George, and Ringo going at it with pillows in the George V Hotel, seen below), but Benson’s career spans much further and wider than that. Harry Benson: Shoot First takes you through it all. From the cocaine left behind in

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