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Tony Leung joins fantasy adventure sequel “Monster Hunt 2”

Hong Kong superstar Tony Leung Chiu-wai joins the cast of the highly anticipated film “Monster Hunt 2”.

The film is the sequel to the second most successful Chinese film of all time, “Monster Hunt”.

“Monster Hunt” came out in 2015 and grossed a whopping $385 million worldwide. The fantasy comedy adventure won numerous awards including Best Director at the Hong Kong Film Awards for Raman Hui. Hui will reclaim the directorial reigns for the upcoming sequel. Bai Baihe (“Love is Not Blind”) and Jing Boran (“Time Raiders”) will reprise their roles as amateur monster-hunter Hua Xiaolan (Baihe) and as village mayor Song Tianyin (Boran).

The plot of “Monster Hunt 2” will begin a week after the end of the first film. It will follow the exciting new adventures of the monster king Wuba and its family. According to Variety, Tony Leung will play a pivotal character who changes the course of the monster king’s journey.

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