Collecting Saved By The Bell cast members in Christmas movies

Jenny Morrill Dec 9, 2016

The cast of Saved By The Bell have made a lot of Christmas films. And we've just watched them all...

Some people collect stamps. I wish I collected stamps, that would be infinitely easier than my hobby, which is collecting Saved By The Bell cast members in Christmas movies. Think of it as Panini stickers on ultra hard mode.

Sadly, my collection depends on the whims and careers of the various Bayside alumni. I'm not doing too badly; so far I have five of the six main cast members, and a few supporting characters. But the hunt for the missing actors takes up far too much of my time, time that could be spent watching Homes Under The Hammer and crying.

Here are the actors I have in my strange, fictional sticker album so far...

Mark Paul Gosselaar (Zack): 12 Dates Of Christmas

Plot: A newly single

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