Macau: Fruit Chan shoots new action-thriller 'Made in Kowloon'

Macau: Fruit Chan shoots new action-thriller 'Made in Kowloon'

Exclusive Set Visit: Cop thriller stars The Grandmaster’s Zhang Jin.

Renowned Hong Kong director Fruit Chan is currently shooting new action cop thriller Made In Kowloon in Macau.

The new film follows a Hong Kong police officer who crosses over to Macao after his fiancée has gone missing and stumbles on a series of murder cases.

The cast is headlined by Zhang Jin who won best supporting actor for The Grandmaster at the 2012 Hong Kong Film Awards, popular Hong Kong actor Kelvin Cheng and Annie Liu.

“The story is imbued with some Chinese mythical elements, which will set it apart from the traditional Hong Kong cop thrillers,” Chan - who is also the screenwriter - told Screen during the set visit.

It marks his first action-thriller, a departure from his early independent productions such as Little Cheung and Durian Durian and subsequent genre films Dumplings and The Midnight After.

Despite the film

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