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Time Commanders episode 1 review

Louisa Mellor Dec 13, 2016

Time Commanders is back! But is the revival a magnificent victory or ignominious defeat?

This review contains spoilers.

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Prior to episode one of the revived Time Commanders, it would have been fair to describe my knowledge of the Punic Wars as ‘not extensive’ and even fairer to describe it as gleaned entirely from this Eddie Izzard routine. Post-episode one, I don’t mind saying that I picked up a few things.

I learned that Carthaginian leader Hannibal, for instance, had the look of Michael Sheen playing the lead in a CG animation biopic about Beppe from EastEnders. Roman general Scipio (pronounced Skippy, oh – the disappointed utterance of someone discovering the famous bush kangaroo pleasuring herself against a Eucalyptus tree) however,

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