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The Healing Power of Beyond The Gates

As years go, 2016 has been a rough one. The movie that’s helping me get through it more than any other right now is Beyond the Gates.

[Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for those who haven’t seen Beyond the Gates.]

This is the year that has claimed a number of brilliant and legendary artists. The year of more devastating terror attacks, of police shootings, and of Brexit. Like it or not, this is also the year that saw the election of a new president who has already been a more polarizing figure than any in recent memory. Reports of hate crimes are on the rise. America is irrevocably divided. This year has sucked, is what I’m saying. But Beyond the Gates gives me hope. Beyond the Gates is the movie the country needs right now.

The debut feature from co-writer/director Jackson Stewart, which hit VOD and limited theatrical release on December 9th, tells the story of two distant brothers (Graham Skipper

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