Season of bad will: why Quarry is the perfect antidote to Christmas TV

With its brooding antiheroes and bracing violence, the 70s-set drama is ideal for those seeking something dark this festive season

At 6.25am, on 25 December 2015, UKTV channel Yesterday’s Christmas offering started, as it meant to go on, with episode one of the famously cheerless documentary serial, The World At War. Around 10am, as the breakfast champagne sparkled, the Dunkirk evacuation was under way. Things were rounded off at 10pm with a documentary on the Nuremberg trials. All of which is perfectly fine. After all, not everyone wants their post-Christmas dinner comedown accompanied by a Call The Midwife special. In the festive TV landscape, there’s surely room for a drop of bile in the eggnog.

So what are your options this year, if you can’t let go of your 2016 angst for even one day? Inexplicably, no one seems to be showing Threads on a loop. But still, help is at hand.

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