Deadly Pleasures: Hellraiser: Bloodline

If one hundred people put together a list of the worst ways that horror franchises have jumped the shark, I’m pretty sure “sent the villain into space” would be near the top of ninety-nine of them. Sending a franchise villain to space is essentially saying, “Screw it, I’m all out of ideas for this character.” This would seem particularly true of a character like Pinhead, as the Hellraiser series has always been about grue-filled erotic fantasy and never even played in the same ballpark as science fiction. Given that the original Hellraiser is my all-time favorite movie, one might think that I’d see it as sacrilege to launch one of the great villains into the stars. Well, you’d be wrong, because against all logic, I firmly believe that Hellraiser: Bloodline manages to make it work.

Before writing this piece, I did make sure to go back

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