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Jonathan Creek review – suitably silly, scary, arch and pleased with itself

It’s not easy pulling off the classic Christmas combo of spooky and cosy, but this special makes it look (super)natural. Also, James May fails to get The Christmas Reassembler together

Hang on a minute. Is this Jonathan Creek or a Hammer horror pastiche? First up, a raven, red velvet curtains, flickering candle, and a mustachioed director called Nathan Clore introducing us to a B-movie called Brides of the Damned. Meanwhile our reluctant straggly-haired sleuth is nowhere to be seen. I realise it has been two years since the last special and about 200 since Alan Davies first graced our screens as the proto-Cumberbatchian Sherlock, but this is a rise from the dead too far.

Once the opening credits have rolled, however, everything becomes clearer. Or rather Creekier. A car drives to a stately pile in the rain. Stephen and Alison Belkin, a young, sexy-nerdy couple who are basically Brad

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