The Message (Feng Sheng) Review

Each year China delivers a couple of big-budget, A-grade productions sporting incredibly impressive production values, an expensive cast and featuring larger than life storylines. While these films are usually quite fun and amusing, The Message takes a smaller, more stylish route with all this bling and glamor while still trying to dazzle the audience every change it gets. The result is rather pleasant indeed.

Let there be no doubt that Chen and Gao had a lot of money to burn on this project. From the completely overblown intro title sequence to the hyper-detailed cinematography and the stellar cast, money is dripping from just about every pore. In turn it comes with a healthy dose of propaganda, though nothing worse than your common good vs bad stereotyping prevalent in almost every big budget flick out there.

The start of the film seems to promise a big scale historic espionage production but

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