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'Sister Wives' Daughter, Mariah, Comes Out as a Lesbian

'Sister Wives' Daughter, Mariah, Comes Out as a Lesbian

To say the Brown family was thrown for a loop on the most recent episode of Sister Wives is an understatement.

Fans of the TLC show -- as well as the Brown family themselves -- were shocked by Sunday's big reveal, when Kody and Meri's 21-year-old daughter, Mariah, came out as a lesbian. Mariah is currently a college student in Utah.

"This feels so awkward," Mariah nervously told Cody, Meri, as well as Cody's three other wives, Janelle, Christine and Robyn before the pivotal moment. "Um, I'm gay."

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In previews of next week's episode, Meri is struggling with the news. "I thought I knew my daughter, I didn't," she cries.

Meri also gets upset with Kody and Robyn for appearing to be happy when Mariah comes out.

"We're not happy that Mariah's gay, we're happy that she knows herself," Kody responds.

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