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Fiona Eagger on the making of 'Newton's Law'

The team behind 'Miss Fisher.s Murder Mysteries', Deb Cox and Fiona Eagger, are back with 'Newton.s Law', starring Claudia Karvan. Eagger talks to If about the show.s development and shooting in the ABC carpark.

How.s Newton.s Law going? in the middle of a 12-week shoot. Deb [Cox] and I just went to Mipcom and you pay dearly for taking [time off]. We went and came back within a week but a lot of things stockpile.

Did you go there to show footage from the show?

Yeah, ABC Commercial is distributing the show for rest of world, and we did a little Mipcom teaser trailer. It's not our official trailer because not all the material had been shot. And then Deb and I obviously had some meetings with the people they wanted us to. Just to meet some of the North American platforms and talk about what

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