Bones Round Table: Is Max Dying?

It was Brennan’s 40th birthday but the surprise was on her friends on Bones Season 12 Episode 2.

Below, TV Fanatics Ashley Bisette Sumerel and Christine Orlando are joined by Bones fan, Pam, to debate Brennan’s jealously, Max’s future, and whether they’d want an Ami of their own after “The Brain in the Bot.”

Did you believe that Brennan was actually jealous of Daisy and Angela’s success?

Ashley: I did at first, but then I started getting suspicious about halfway through that Brennan actually had something to do with it for both of them.

Pam: Yes, I bought into it as this has been her character. I like that she is written that way, but was happily surprised to find she is changing over time. It is not only refreshing but very sweet. She continues to delight and surprise her family and friends, and above all the audience.

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