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League Of Exotique Dancers: Canadian Doc's Broadcast Premiere This February

Rama Rau's documentary League of Exotique Dancers will have its world broadcast premiere on CBC's Documentary Channel during its free preview month in February. We have a trailer for you to watch below as well as a collection of pictures of the ladies featured in Rau's doc. Back when the G-string was the point-of-no-return, live sexual entertainment was a formalized affair, with choreography, costumes and women with larger-than-life personalities and attributes. They were burlesque queens, with stage-names that could be out of a James Bond movie, like Lovey Goldmine, Kitten Natividad and Holiday O’Hara. And as we discover in Rama Rau’s up-close-and-personal documentary League of Exotique Dancers, they were proud performers who chose a life more colourful and dared anyone to tell them...

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