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Here Are the Nominees for the 11th Annual Asian Film Awards

The nominees for the 11th Annual Asian Film Awards were announced last week.

The ceremony is to be held in Hong Kong after a long stint in Macau. The reason for this changeover is to pay homage to the 20th anniversary since the handover of Hong Kong. This year, 34 films received nominations. Out of those 34, 21 are of Chiniese-origin, and 20 are South Korean, making South Korean films the second most nominated.

Some of the best releases of 2016 are up against each other this year. Park Chan Wook’s, “The Handmaiden,” although it did not receive a nod for best film nor best director, it did receive a levy of other nominations including: best supporting actress (Moon So-ri), best newcomer, best screenplay, best editing, best costume design, and best production design. Another strong Korean film up for several awards is “Train to Busan.” This outrageously popular zombie-horror film is up for five

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