An Interview with TV Legend Alan Alda

Ali Goldstein/NBC

Alan Alda is making his third appearance tonight on 30 Rock as the father of Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy. We've been fans of Alda's even before M*A*S*H, the day our dad brought home the soundtrack to The Apple Tree. Alan was nominated for a Tony for playing Adam and he sang and danced his way into our hearts. Of course, we have loved him as Hawkeye Pierce and even tuned in to The West Wing once in a while to see our childhood crush.

So imagine how excited we were to find out we could talk to Alda on a conference call prior to his next guest spot on 30 Rock. But what we would we ask. So many great roles, so little time.

He really was as funny and charming as we always imagined him to be as he talked about 30 Rock, M*A*S*H,

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