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Charlie Sheen can go fuck himself

I'm pissed that Charlie Sheen will appear on The Walking Dead season 2, and at Hollywood for its double standards when it comes to racism and sexism.

According to, Charlie Sheen is super-excited to play the role of a walking undead zombie on the next season of The Walking Dead because he's been such a huge fan of the first season.

Sheen stars on the really bad, mediocre-mentality-sitcom Two and a Half Men, at which he earns 1.25 million dollars per episode, and including all the episodes, the residuals, the DVD sales, etc., he ends up with about 80 Million in his pockets each year, thanks to you and your adoring fan selves who keep watching him despite the fact that he has repeatedly beaten, hit, pushed, shoved, punched, and threatened his wives and girlfriends. Did I mention he has two small daughters? Yeah, I'm sure they're safe.

I'm sure you

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