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Danny Says review – a delightful slice of pop history

Music industry figure Danny Fields – who knew Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground – is a wry raconteur full of spit and vinegar in this engaging documentary

Danny Fields is one of those mysterious figures in the music industry you often see in black and white band photographs grinning away with his arms around the talent, too hip-looking to be a venue manager, too square to be a dealer. Turns out, he’s an interesting character, a wry raconteur full of spit and vinegar even now in his late 70s, who has had a varied music business career, and who was canny about keeping recordings of conversations , which enrich this documentary by Brendan Toller. A hyper-smart, gay, Jewish boy from Queens who studied law at Harvard, he became a music journalist and was the guy who reported in the Us that John Lennon had said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus.

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