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For Our Consideration: The role that showed there was more to Mary Tyler Moore

When Robert Redford cast Mary Tyler Moore in the pivotal role of Beth for his 1980 directorial debut, he was accused of stunt casting. Redford had purchased the rights to Ordinary People while the novel was still in galleys, having sparked immediately to the story about a seemingly perfect upper-crust family that’s torn apart after the elder son dies in a sailing accident, leaving behind his troubled younger brother. More established film actresses like Lee Remick and Ann-Margret were in contention for the role; meanwhile, Moore, though an undisputed champ of the small screen, hadn’t been in a movie since Elvis’ final appearance, 1969’s Change Of Habit (she played a nun). Casting Moore was a brave choice, and it paid off: It netted Moore her only Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe win for Best Actress.

Moore had been America’s sweetheart since The Dick Van Dyke ...

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