Who Is Isabelle Huppert? Get to Know the "Meryl Streep of France"

Who Is Isabelle Huppert? Get to Know the

Call it the battle of two Meryls. In one corner, there's the record-breaking queen of American cinema, Meryl Streep. Her opponent? The so-called "Meryl Streep of France," Isabelle Huppert. And on Feb. 26, the two will battle it out for the Best Actress honor at the 89th annual Academy Awards. But who is Isabelle Huppert, and how did she seemingly become an overnight film sensation in her 60s? (Spoiler alert: there was nothing "overnight" about it.) Here are eight things you need to know about the actress. She's been in the acting game for a long time. Although the current buzz around Huppert is regarding her Oscar nominated turn in Elle as a businesswoman on the hunt for her rapist, the 63-year old made her silver screen debut 40 years ago, starring in the French film, La Dentellière. You might be saying her name wrong. Fight the urge to rely on American English phonetics.

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