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Interview: Malcolm McDowell Talks Roger Corman’S Death Race 2050, Rob Zombie’s 31 & Halloween Films

From Alex in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange to Father Murder in Rob Zombie’s 31, Malcolm McDowell has played a wide range of intriguing roles over his illustrious career, including his recent scene-stealing performance as the Chairman in Roger Corman’s Death Race 2050.

With the new Death Race movie now out on home media from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, Daily Dead had the great pleasure of speaking with the prolific actor to talk about collaborating with Corman, acting in A Clockwork Orange, working with Rob Zombie on 31 and his Halloween films, and if he would ever consider being a part of the new Halloween movie.

You’ve always taken on a diverse range of roles in your career, and Death Race 2050 is certainly no exception. What attracted you to the role of the Chairman of the United Corporations of America?

Malcolm McDowell: It’s a really

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