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Review Round-Up: ‘Let’s Be Evil’ & ‘War on Everyone’

Let’S Be Evil

Stars: Elizabeth Morris, Kara Tointon, Elliot James Langridge, Isabelle Allen, Jamie Bernadette, Brooke Johnston, Martin Owen, Helene Wilson, Paul Casar, Jonathan Willis, Billie Wilson, Aimee Wright | Written by Elizabeth Morris, Martin Owen, Jonathan Willis | Directed by Martin Owen

Desperately in need of money to care for a sick parent, Jenny (Morris) takes a job supervising children at a learning centre for gifted students. But when she and two other new employees are ushered into a maximum-security underground bunker where eerily robotic children are outfitted with augmented reality glasses, Jenny finds herself thrust into a disturbing technological experiment in which she is an unwitting player in a terrifying virtual game.

Techno-horror is a genre that, given my previous experiences with films of this nature, is really hard to get right. The reliance on the technology within, techno-babble et al. can, and often does, overwhelm the story the filmmakers are trying to tell.

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